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What should I bring to my Immigration Physical Exam?

  • A current Form I-693, pre-completed with your information. You can obtained the form from HERE. Do not date the form.

  • A valid government picture ID, such as a driver’s license or passport (student IDs will not be accepted).

  • A copy of your vaccination records. Please note: Applicants must receive all age-appropriate vaccines as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control in order to pass the physical exam.

  • A copy of your chest X-ray (if you have been treated for tuberculosis).

  • An adult English-speaking translator (if you cannot speak English or Spanish).

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What is the Immigration Physical Exam?

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires all aliens who are applying for green cards and citizenship to complete the I-693, the Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record. The purpose of the medical examination is to evaluate the applicant’s health status and to determine if any conditions exist that might prevent a change in status. This examination can only be conducted by a Designated Civil Surgeon like Dr. Petua Okolo. She will complete and seal the I-693 form so that you can send the I-693 form back to the USCIS.


This exam requires applicants to be free of certain infectious diseases, including tuberculosis and syphilis. The HIV test is no longer mandatory. If Dr. Petua Okolo finds that you have an infectious condition that would prevent you from passing the physical examination, she can treat you or recommend a treatment plan necessary to allow you to proceed with the next step in the immigration process.

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How do I obtain my forms, once the exam is complete?

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  • You can obtain your completed form at our office or we can mail it to you.

  • When you open the yellow envelope, you will find a white envelope which contains the completed and sealed I-693 forms.  

  • DO NOT OPEN THE SEALED WHITE ENVELOPE. That should be sent to the USCIS or to your lawyer.



How much does the Immigration Physical Exam cost?

The cost to complete the Immigration Physical Examination by the Physician is $195 and includes:

  • Physical Examination and completing the Civil Surgeon part of Form I-693.  

  • Interpreting the test results by the Physician.

  • Reviewing and Signing your completed Form I-693 by the Physician.

  • Providing you certified and sealed copy of I-693 to submit to USCIS.

  • Providing you copies of your lab results (if requested).  


Mandatory Required Laboratory Tests (for applicants with complete shot records):

The cost for all the Immigration required mandatory laboratory tests is $295 and includes-

  • Syphilis Test (Rapid Plasma Reagin- RPR)

  • HIV Test

  • Tuberculosis Test (QuantiFERON)

  • Gonorrhoeae Test

  • Drug Test (9 Drug Classes Urine Test)


The following additional services may be needed (for applicants with incomplete shot records or with other stipulated Immigration health-related conditions): 


The cost is separate and varies depending on each applicant. Such services may include-  

  • Any required missing Immunizations & Vaccinations (usually for applicant with incomplete shot records).

  • Hepatitis B Testing (for applicant with incomplete shot records).

  • Chest X-ray (if necessary based on test result).

  • If necessary, applicant may be required to follow up with a specialist or a County Health Department to treat and clear the applicant of certain health-related condition mandated by Immigration before proceeding to the next step of the application process.


Do we speak Spanish?

Sí! Hablamos español. Podemos ayudarte con su inmigración examen físico si usted viene a nuestra oficina para más información. Llame 817-465-7400.

How do I schedule an appointment for the Immigration Physical Exam or request more information?

  • Call 817-465-7400 or Toll Free: 1-877-465 -7408 to speak with someone at DFW Internal Medicine Clinic.

  • Appointment or Walk-in accepted.

  • Let Dr. Petua Okolo assist you on your journey towards becoming a US Citizen.


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